Green transition: ECB and budgetary authorities should face their responsibilities

For my fellow English readers, please find below my latest piece co-written with Ollivier Bodin about European Union, Green transition and economic policies published by Euractiv. Reforming the rules for coordinating budgetary and economic policies in the eurozone is a necessity to conciliate economic, social and climate objectives. Ollivier Bodin is an economist. Michael Vincent is an... Lire la Suite →


Finalising the Banking Union and Eurozone Governance

Finalising the Banking Union and Eurozone Governance October 15, 2018 Author: Michael Vincent, Ollivier Bodin In this paper, the authors analyse the state of play with reference to Meseberg’s Franco-German “consensus” and then discuss the stakes involved with reforming the governance and the economic policies that are supposed to be conducive to financial resilience and the stability... Lire la Suite →

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